Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Inaugural Post for John Boys Blog by "The Log Builder's Wife"


A Posting by "The Log Builder's Wife" - Guest Writer (or Ghost Writer)

Today we were doing the happy dance! I was so excited that I decided to get Johnny a blog so I could be his mouth-piece and tell our colleagues and friends what John is thinking.
OK that didn't come out right - nobody tells John what he is thinking - but here is the deal...John will seldom - if ever - find the time to post to a blog - but we all know - or have been told at least, that in order to attain credibility, one has to become an "authority" ...have a presence - yada yada...and John has a lot to share. (Some of you know that already...)
but if you don't you can go to this link and see a very tired looking John in a video produced by Wood Works; an after-procuction on the heels of a presentation he did in Seattle earlier this year. Cross Laminated Timber Construction.

Thing is - I love to write, but want to remain incognito. Some people search the net hoping to find themselves mentioned, but I cruise the net making sure I'm not there! ( that's why the drawing). Anyway - this isn't about me, really it's not. It's about John Boys and Nicola LogWorks and the people we work with, and for and the things that happen or that we learn as heavy timber specialists and log builders.

I also figure it's easier for me to brag on John (picture Olive Oyle batting her eyes at Popeye here) - so from time-to-time I plan to contribute to John Boys TIMBER!!! Blog. (I couldn't find anything in the templates that would let me be a guest contributor - it's kind of creepy the way google wants to identify everyone).

For those of you who really do want to source John's knowledge and are interested in what is happening in the world of heavy timber, and cranes and rigging and jigging as well as the tales of bone chilling terror coming from under the drift of paper work that has haunted us since entering the world of commercial timber assured, it will not always be me blathering on...

So I'm going to cut this first post short and get John to tell you why we were doing the happy dance yesterday. (If you don't know John, you can read about him in the "about me" google+ thing at the side of this.
But here is a hint as to why we are doing the happy dance! We are hoping that this is the beginning of legislation that will sweep all of Canada... Bill 69 Prompt Payment Act 2013

Thanks for looking in...if you are a contractor or subcontractor who has been struggling with the paid if/when paid clause in most commercial consctruction agreements, and especially if you operate in Ontario - you'll be doing the happy dance too!

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